Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Lemuria Calling

Monday, August 28, 2006 ~ Fort Collins, Colorado

Despite my powerful experiences at Mount Shasta in July, I never planned to create a Shasta drawing. It felt, well, cliched. After all, what collection of sacred/metaphysical images doesn't include one of Mount Shasta?

Yet as I look at my photographs of the mountain, I hear the words Lemuria Calling, and I know I have no choice. My unplanned drawing of Mount Shasta has named itself. And the name is rife with personal significance.

If you've known me more than a few years, you know that, with my friends Karen and Larry Weaver, my ex-wife and I owned a metaphysical store in Sedona by that name. Like a shooting star, Lemuria Calling had a short but powerfully bright life and was responsible for, among other gifts, getting to meet some of you.

The store is gone, but the energy of Lemuria continues to infuse all my work -- from some of the symbols I draw to some of the healing/sacred sounds I sing.

There are many tales about the fate of that fabled Pacific continent. The one that has always resonated most powerfully for me is that Lemuria ascended and still exists intact in higher dimensions, a model and template for us as we travel our own ascension journey.

Mount Shasta's longstanding link with Lemuria -- Telos, a Lemurian city is said to lie beneath it -- makes Shasta a powerful ascension portal, a gateway to the "heaven on earth" we are each called to create in our lives.

Mount Shasta's call, then, is also Lemuria's. It's a reminder that through our thoughts, choices and actions -- through hearts open to ourselves and each other -- we can live in the Kingdom of Heaven, the New Jerusalem, the Golden Age of Lemuria... now and in every moment.

Art by Mark David Gerson: Lemuria Calling (Mount Shasta)

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