Friday, July 27, 2007

Giving Up the Need to Know

Sunday, July 22 ~ Albuquerque, New Mexico

More Texas license plates. Everywhere I look on the drive from Sedona to Albuquerque, I see Texas plates.

They're there, it seems, to tweak my dawning awareness that when I leave Albuquerque on Tuesday, it will be to head into Texas.

Not that I have any idea why I'm being drawn to Texas...again. Why should I, when I still don't know why I was pulled there earlier this year [see God's GPS].

"Not going to work this time," I insist to whoever's in charge. "If you really want me to go to Texas, you'll have to do better than license plates."

It's now my second night in Albuquerque, and I'm chatting with the hotel owner about The MoonQuest, which she's just begun reading. My post-Albuquerque plans never come up. Yet, somehow, it emerges that her husband has family in -- you guessed it -- Texas.

I don't make the connection until an hour later, when I'm talking to Josh, the new guy on the front desk.

"Are you a native New Mexican?" I ask.

"No," he replies. "I'm from Dallas. Texas."

I almost surrender in that moment.

But not quite.

Unconditional surrender comes 24 hours later.

I'm parked outside Office Max. Across from me is a small black car with Texas plates.

"Not going to work," I say, shaking my head at the Universe. "Show me people, not plates."

I come out of the store a few minutes later, following the man who was ahead of me in line. He heads straight for the Texas-mobile and takes off. For Texas, no doubt.

As I walk across his now-vacant spot, something flashes up at me from the pavement. A penny.

I stoop to pick it up and know where I'm going.

I still don't know why, but in that moment I remember my own words from a week ago as I spoke as part of a Sunday Service talk at Santa Fe's The Celebration. The topic? "Too Much Knowledge Is a Dangerous Thing: Giving Up the Need to Know."

I give up.


Anonymous said...

Hi Mark David
Hope you enjoy Texas for how ever long you are there. Perhaps you are only to hold space for a brief moment for something or someone to evolve to the next place. At times it is easy for me to remember and accept that there is in deed, "More under heaven," then the limitations of the mind can understand and at other times the mind still wants to have a fight with the "Why." A friend sent me a link to what has been named "The World Clock," I am keeping this link in my computer to remind me at times when I get mired in my own "Stuff," that the rest of the world continues to go on without me.
I have come to realize that a lot of times I don't know what effect I have on people and situations, (sometimes I am told later). My mind still wants validation and looks for ways to define the worth of this physical existence and control there of. It has been hard at times, but it has gotten easier, the more I stay consciously connected to Source.
It seems that the greatest gift that any of us can offer is to hold our own centers, our own counsel; staying aware of and consciously connected to 100% pure love, light and truth of the Mother of all that is; Pure Infinate Source Energy.
I have not met you in your physical expression; but I know that you touch those around you by simply being and sharing honestly the ups and downs, ins, outs, twists and turns of your journey. The connection that is made heart to heart, soul to soul and on energetic levels teaches and shows more than the words ever could. But by sharing the words you also give those around you permission to express their own words and know that in that expression they too are alright; more than alright; brilliant.
Enjoy what ever brief moments you have in Texas. Thank you for the expression of source that you are.
Lovingly, with many blessing
Ma Ina

Robert N. Adams said...

Austin isn't really part of Texas. It is a civilized community deposited by some unknown force into the middle of a vast expanse of acreage containing mostly hostile tribes. But you have to go through Texas to get here, unfortunately.

Mark David Gerson said...

Dear Robert,

I definitely get it. Austin's kind of like Boulder (not really part of Colorado), Sedona (definitely not part of Arizona) and Hawaii (clearly NOT Mainland US!).

Fortunately, the tribe's weren't too hostile on my two treks through Texas to Austin over the past week.

Mark David

Mark David Gerson said...

Dear Ina,

Thanks for the reminder. I'll be writing more about this, I'm sure, in the coming weeks.

Mark David