Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Paying Attention

Sunday, October 28 ~ Albuquerque, New Mexico

Whenever I doubt that some higher force is keeping an eye on the human me, I'm given a little reminder.

Friday's was a praying mantis that had settled on my front door. In most traditions, the praying mantis guides one toward rest, stillness, prayer, meditation and an openness to dream and revelation. In the busyness of my days, I had neglected all of those.

Then, in case I missed the message, my car's battery died the following evening -- in the parking lot of an Albuquerque Hastings store as I was leaving a book-signing for The MoonQuest.

My plan had been to do a bunch of errands before going home from the signing. The higher powers-that-be had a different idea.

After 77,000 miles in 26 months, my car's battery needed more than a roadside recharge. Apparently, so did mine!

With an eye to the praying mantis, I spent today immersed in quiet, renewing my battery for the journey ahead.

It's easy for me to get caught up in all that I think needs doing. It's harder to remember that unless I take care of my physical and emotional health, the human me will be ill-equipped to journey anywhere.

Photo by Mark David Gerson


Jo said...

Thanks for the reminder...making time to go within, and forgetting to do so is all within ego's domain. Sometimes I get caught up in busyness too. [We are more than this as you and I know.]
I did something good a few weeks back; I went to a spiritual retreat up in northern Maine. Having had that experience did alot to remind me about Spiritual be-ing, yet I still forget...sighs. No matter what it is there if we want to access it. There was this brown lab there named Sedona....everyone had there turn at giving and receiving love from this dog. He was such a delight. So Thanks again, Mark. I will save the picture for more desktop as a nudge for me.
Namaste, Jo

sydney molare said...

Gosh, this is what I needed! My mind has been swishing by at freeway speed for the past few month. Time to stop, listen to the higher being, then move. Thanks again.


Swanny said...

Hi Mark.
I appreciate your reminder about meditation.
Honestly, I never thought much about meditating because it always sounded like something I wouldn't be able to do... Sit and clear my mind? HUH? How can that be done? My mind is in multi task mode. lol... (well not as well as it used to be).
But of late, I have been thinking about meditating... concerning my career. I know there is something at the back of my brain trying to come through... trying to tell me something but I am not hearing it. Sort of like the Pink Floyd song lyrics, "Your lips move, but I can't hear what you say".
I know there is an answer to my need to change jobs, but the solution is not clear. Thank you for reminding me to meditate on this. I will try to do this!