Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Hidden Desires of the Heart

Monday, December 17 ~ Albuquerque, New Mexico

A funny thing about dreams is that we sometimes don't even know we have them until they're on the verge of being fulfilled.

Getting The MoonQuest published wasn't that kind of unconscious dream for me. Rather, it was a conscious dream I had held since the book's second draft was completed more than a decade ago.

The Voice of the Muse was different. As I wrote here six months ago in You Want Me to Do What?!?, publishing this book on writing was not something I knew to be my heart's desire. Even when I sensed Spirit urging me forward with the project, I felt more obedient than impassioned.

Today, though, as The Voice of the Muse's final files reach the book's Michigan printing plant, I'm suddenly overcome by the power in my life of this unconscious dream. It hit me today in much the same way a forgotten nocturnal memory is unexpectedly reawakened by a chance thought or encounter.

Once I heard that the printing process had begun, I was overwhelmed by a surge of excitement I hadn't previously felt. In an instant, my intuitive knowingness had become visceral, emotional. Suddenly, I felt connected to all those who will be freed by this book to tell their stories. It was as though my path and theirs had merged in a burst of shared passion and creative purpose.

Now, to my amazement, the prospect of holding The Voice of the Muse in my hands and of sharing its wisdom into the world fills me with the same anticipatory fervor I felt eight months for The MoonQuest, when it was at a similar stage.

The dream I didn't know I had is being realized, and I'm grateful.

Art by Mark David Gerson: "Creative Force," inspired by Mount Garfield, the eastern edge of the Book Cliffs, near Grand Junction, Colorado

"The words lie within you. They hover in the shadows, longing to be noticed, yearning to be heard, aching to be shared. Together through this book, you and I will give them voice."

The 248-page book of inspiration and instruction is 50 percent longer than its eBook predecessor and includes many new chapters, meditations and exercises. Also available is a companion 2-CD set with my recording of the book's 10 guided meditations, plus an introductory track of instruction and inspiration. You can read/hear excerpts here

All copies of The Voice of the Muse book and/or CD set ordered before January 22 will be autographed to you (or to whomever you're gifting it) and will get free U.S. shipping. (Normal shipping charges apply as of January 22.)

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