Wednesday, June 18, 2008

On the Air with Mark David

Thursday, June 12 ~ Santa Fe, New Mexico

Hear me speaking about writing and about my two books on the Santa Fe Radio Café, a Santa Fe public radio interview that first aired earlier today on KSFR.

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motherwort said...

Another great interview, (Love the cafe noises in the background; very evocative). When my writing stumbles and stalls, when I get to the "what's the point," point, I cherish these gifts of motivation that you send our way. It really helps.

Mark David Gerson said...

The café noises aren't canned. The show is recorded live in one of Santa Fe's better known local hangouts: the Santa Fe Baking Company. The interview was great fun to do (finally, an interviewer who actually reads the books!). Glad you found it inspiring.