Monday, July 07, 2008

Cosmic Puberty, or
Living Radical Evolution

Monday, July 7 ~ Albuquerque, New Mexico

A version of this article first appeared in the July 4, 2006 issue of my inspirational newsletter.

You're not going crazy.

I know it feels that way sometimes. It certainly does to me.

One moment you feel fine, on top of the world. The next, something pushes you into a depression or despair it's difficult to pull out of. Or you feel yourself sinking into a morass of apparent meaninglessness and purposelessness.

Old patterns -- addictions, even -- poke and prod at you, demanding to be satisfied.

Intense fatigue or other strange physical symptoms kick in, for no conventionally explainable reason.

You feel as though you're going crazy.

You're not.

Then what the @#$&%!?# is going on?

It's what I call R-evolution, short for Radical Evolution.

Our humanoid ancestors had the luxury of millennia to evolve from cave to condo, from simplicity to sophistication. Even for our grandparents, evolution was a subtle process, barely discernible within a generation, let alone a lifetime.

All that has changed.

We are experiencing, in this lifetime, a revolutionary overhaul that is unprecedented in human history.

We are morphing into a new species.

You could call it the New Human, although that's not truly accurate, because where we're going transcends much of we have come to know as human.

In effect, we are stepping into our Divine Selves, into the Gods we have always been, but only as a potential.

That potential is now being realized. Not for everyone, perhaps. But for those who have made that choice, however unconsciously, that's what's going on.

Exciting? Yes.

Miraculous? Absolutely.

Fear-provokingly uncomfortable? Without a doubt.

We stand in a place of transition.

Increasingly, our old ways of living, coping and feeling secure are not working. Even many of the New Age paradigms we have grown into in recent years seem out of place, dysfunctional, wrong-minded.

We are, as Gregg Braden put it a decade ago, walking between the worlds.

Who we were is outmoded. Yet who we are becoming is not yet ready.

Remember that awkward period in early adolescence? You were no longer a child, yet seemingly far from adulthood. On top of that, your physical and emotional bodies were doing all kinds of weird and wacky things.

Welcome back to puberty. Cosmic puberty.

You're experiencing peculiar symptoms and your emotions are volatile. You're beginning to think and act in ways that are foreign to you and others. Your likes and dislikes are shifting, as are your passions and priorities.

Even the face staring back at you from the mirror seems disconcertingly unfamiliar.

In this twilight zone we now occupy between our human and divine selves, cognitive disconnect is the norm.

Our human minds struggle to control our lives in ways that our divine intelligence considers unnecessary.

Our human mind has expectations. Our divine intelligence has none.

Our human mind tries to figure out and understand, functions our divine intelligence regards as irrelevant.

Radical Evolution, or "ascension" as some would term it, is not about moving into deeper understanding. It's about moving away from understanding. It's about abandoning any need to understand and moving into a place of permanent mystery...divine mystery.

Yet we're still wired to function in human ways. Or, rather, our divine electrician has begun the rewiring, but it's a massive job. And the transition is as weird and wacky as was puberty.

That's not reassuring to the human self, which feels as though everything familiar is breaking apart.

It is. One glance at the headlines is all it take to see that. Plummeting real estate prices. Soaring gas prices. Crises in the credit world. Floods, fires and financial failure.

Our minds and bodies are doing their own version of that same dance. Sometimes, the dance isn't graceful or pretty. Sometimes, it looks more like struggle.

Think of the biblical Jacob wrestling with the angel.

That's the essence of what's going on for us: our human wrestling with our divine. The human seeks to hold onto the perceived control of knowingness. The angel, on the other hand, represents all that is free, and therefore free of control.

All that is free is the mystery. For, along with its other implications, freedom frees us from having to know, to understand, to place in context.

As we move to this next level -- a step that is gargantuan in its steepness and implications -- we are leaving behind more than we can begin to imagine. Not in the physical sense. Not even in the emotional sense. In the human sense.

Much that has defined you as human is being squeezed out of you -- in that spin cycle I wrote about some time back or, perhaps better put, in an old-fashioned wringer-washer. And as each new space is freed up, more of the divine that you already are is entering in to fill that newly created emptiness.

Put another way, it's like the child (Peter Pan) who resists growing up, leaving childish (but not childlike) things behind to make way for the adult. In this case, it's not the human adult but the divine adult that is coming through...sometimes, or so it feels, like a steamroller.

No wonder you're in emotional crisis at times. No wonder you feel as though you are dying. No wonder signs and apparent synchronicities refuse to be interpreted.

Nothing is the way it was or ever will be again. Nothing can be understood in the old ways. Nothing can be fixed in the old ways. Nothing can be controlled. Period.

There is only one magic pill, and it can be a tough one to swallow.

It's called surrender.

Yet it's the only way.

All we can do is move through our cosmic puberty with as much grace as we can muster.

All we can do is the mystery, to the freedom, to the divine that is taking over our lives, our will and our beingness and launching us into an era we cannot predict, anticipate or understand.

See yourself as a baby bird pushing through its shell. The shell is your human construct. You are breaking through that now. It is breaking down now. The bird is emerging, regardless. And it will fly. You will fly. And life on the other side of that shell is nothing you have ever known before.

You are stressed by all this. This is natural. Your human self is in panic. This is natural.

Know that you are neither dying nor going crazy, though that is what it feels like. Rather, you are experiencing radical evolution. You are becoming the divine.

Stop wrestling the angel and, instead, step into the angel. Become the angel. Become the god, your god, the god that you are.

~ For tips on how to use writing to help you move through these r-evolutionary times, visit my other blog, The Voice of Your Muse or check out The Voice of the Muse: Answering the Call to Write and/or The Voice of the Muse Companion: Guided Meditations for Writers.

Image: "Wrestling the Light" by Ivan Chan


SSG Team Blog said...

Outstanding article! I love Cosmic Puberty. It is a perfect representation of the birthing 'New Consciousness,' which is part of the reason I felt the urge to expand my website and begin the SSG Team Blog ( I feel people will really benefit from reading this article. Thanks, Mark David. Keep up the brilliance!

Todd Schaefer

Mark David Gerson said...

Thanks, Todd, for the comment, and for all the wonderful work you're doing on your site and blog.

Ivan Chan Studio said...

Hello Mark,

Thanks for sharing my painting, "Wrestling the Light."

I enjoyed reading your article, too.

Take care,


Mark David Gerson said...

Dear Ivan,

I'm so glad you found the blog post. When I was researching images for this piece, yours was the most striking of all the "Jacob Wrestling the Angels" I came across. I hope posting the image and link brings some add'l traffic to your web site and blog.

Mark David

Stephen Hopson said...


What an interesting way of describing the changes we go through from a cosmic point of view.

Hmmm...thought provoking...interesting.....

Look forward to getting to know you and your work more. :)

Mark David Gerson said...

Thanks, Stephen. And likewise.

Anonymous said...

I believe that I wrote you about ascension/transcending in (a) previous blog(s) - significantly, about Dr. Eric Pearl and "Reconnection". It's why I took Magnified Healing and learned to be a practitioner and started to read "The Green Books" (St. Germain - not a saint but an ascended master): it's about ascending and helping others to do the same. And I know I've talked about Abraham and the "Laws of Attraction in Action": it's about raising our vibration/emotion (as humans understand the latter better) in order to manifest our desires. (See, we even have a "how to" manual in that.) And perhaps I wrote about the book I'm reading called "Walkers Between the Worlds", an update of Caitlin and John Matthews book about the Western mysteries. And how surprised I was to see that title because I always knew that my Mom had raised me to walk between "Society's" worlds, but it was only recently that I realized that I am also supposed to walk between OTHER worlds. Which I have also done within the last six months - absolutely!

Even "The Celestine Prophesy" talks about angels and faeries vibrating at a higher frequency than humans do - worry makes us too heavy to do what angels and faeries can do at the higher frequencies. This IS the Age of Aquarius, no longer the "dawning". We ARE ascending/transcending - it's those who resist who feel lost in the shuffle. And it's why I also said before that I'm thinking with my heart and not my head because our "head" thinking has been trained in traditional human patterns (negativity, judgment, sarcasm, etc.) - which is WAY different for an Aquarian (which I am).

I heartily recommend that anyone who is interested read the above-referenced books AND get to know who the ascended masters are and how to work with them. It IS ALL astonishing, and very, very real.

Keep spreading the word...Suze

Mark David Gerson said...

Thanks, Suze, as always for your thoughful comments.

Cheryl said...

Great, insightful thoughts, Mark. I am realizing/experiencing what you talk about and I KNOW, but need reminding that surrender, acceptance is the way through and up and into our Light. Found you through Ivan Chan and I agree, his image really speaks to your article and vice versa!

Mark David Gerson said...

Thanks, Cheryl. I did an image search for "Jacob wrestling with the Angel" and as soon as I saw Ivan's painting, I knew that was the perfect illustration.

Tarot By Arwen said...

This piece spoke to me. I just tried to add words to those first five and couldn't. Truly words fail me in trying to communicate how this opened me to a lesson I needed to remember. Thank you. I twittered about this earlier today in fact. :)

Mark David Gerson said...

If it spoke to you, that's all that needs saying! Thanks for writing.

Scott Mooney said...

Hey Mark David,

Your article on cosmic puberty is reassuring:-) I often wake up in the middle of the night shocked by my mortality. I put my hands on my stomach and realize there's innards in there, fragile, fallible... and utterly essential for my survival. It doesn't seem right somehow. I still haven't come to terms with this life. It's a good life, a special and abundant one, filled with opportunity. But I still don't get it.

Also, Just this morning I was writing in my journal about how I'm getting the call to let go from many angles lately... and now I am getting it again in your article... to surrender. I'm studying to become a Matrix Energetics practitioner and in that process dropping into the heart and letting go is the key thing. I'm struggling with that, and yet I seem to be good at it somehow. It's weird. And compelling. Kind of floating around in limbo right now... spending more time learning than earning!;-)

Scott Mooney

Mark David Gerson said...

Dear Scott,

One of the values for me of this blog and of my newsletters is being able to remind others -- and myself -- that we're not alone in much of the strangeness we are encountering these days and that we're not, in fact, losing our minds.

In the midst of all the unprecedented craziness -- in the midst of all -- the most important thing is to drop into the heart and let go.

Thanks for sharing your story.

Mark David