Saturday, July 26, 2008

The Best of...

Saturday, July 26 ~ Albuquerque, New Mexico

It’s hard to believe that these New Earth Chronicles have been around for 30 months and that this is the 148th post.

I was mighty resistant in January 2006 when I first felt the call to blog. At the time, I knew nothing about blogs. Didn’t much want to know, either.

But 14 months into a full-time road odyssey that had already twice carried me coast-to-coast, I felt as though a blog would be the perfect way to share my journeying -- using a medium that was more personal and immediate than the newsletter it would supplement.

My remaining doubts dissolved a few days later, when I learned that the next meeting of the Albuquerque-based Southwest Writers group would offer an introduction to blogging. Talk about perfect timing. I drove down from Santa Fe for the meeting and a few days later, this New Earth Chronicles blog was born.

Since then, this blog has followed me across the U.S. and into Canada as I've chronicled my experiences of this New Earth we're all birthing -- each in our own way, each in our own lives.

Although my chronicles of the road ended in August when I dropped anchor here in Albuquerque, my New Earth experiences have continued, as have these chronicles.

Here are a few highlights...

February 2006 ~ Santa Fe, NM -- Love Beyond Love...from a Place Beyond all Understanding

June 2006 ~ Palm Desert CA --What's It All About, Alfie?

October 2006 ~ Hillside, VA -- D(r)ving into Different States

November 2006 ~ Dalton, GA -- Family Lies, Family Ties

December 2006 ~ Ojai, CA -- Aligned with the Flow That only Passion Can Activate

January 2007 ~ Thousand Oaks, CA -- An Eye for the Right Life

May 2007 ~ Santa Fe, NM -- A Horse (or Two) of a Different Color

July 2007 ~ Sedona, AZ -- Use Me

October 2007 ~ Santa Fe, NM -- Deeper Levels of Trust

January 2008 ~ Albuquerque, NM -- Why Are Americans Afraid of Dragons?

February 2008 ~ Albuquerque, NM -- The Alchemy of Creation

March 2008 ~ Albuquerque, NM -- Don't Fence Me In

May 2008 ~ Albuquerque, NM -- It Only Takes a Moment

I also now have a second blog, The Voice of Your Muse, a source of tools, tips and inspiration for writers. If you haven't already, please check it out.

Photos by Mark David Gerson: #1, from The Heart of Texas (August 2007); #2, from Desert Spring (June 2007)


motherwort said...

Not long after I met you I went back and read through your blogs. It was a wonderful gift to give a new friend, any friend for that matter, this opportunity to journey with you. There were echoes and new ideas and for the first time, in the midst of my own journey of metamorphosis, I felt like I wasn't alone.

Any of you who haven't read Mark David's blogs, I encourage you to do so. They are heartfelt and a true blessing.

Ivan Chan Studio said...

Hi Mark David,

How wonderful that you've found you enjoy blogging! It was through your blog that we connected and I'm grateful.

Take care,


Mark David Gerson said...

Sue: It's quite the journey for me, too, when I go back and reread these posts. So much that I've much that is still applicable!

Ivan: It's a joy to share my life and thoughts through these words. It helps that I love to write!