Thursday, September 11, 2008

Recognizing Blog Brilliance

Tuesday, Sept. 9 ~ Sedona, Arizona

My fellow author and blogger Marvin D. Wilson has had his Free Spirit blog nominated for the web's Brilliant Blog Appreciation Awards, a singular recognition.

Marvin's blog focuses on both spiritual evolvement and good writing and is certainly worth checking out. If you do, please add your vote to push him over the top in the award competition's "Best Christian/Inspirational" category.

You can vote using this link. Just be sure to cast yours before the midnight (PT) deadline Friday night, Sept. 12.

By the way, I'll be featured on Marvin's blog in a Sept. 11 post. Please check it out!


Marvin D. Wilson said...

Thanks for the endorsement and feature here, Mark! BTW, I got the RIGHT picture of you up on Free Spirit today now - lol

Peace Bro-

Marvin D Wilson
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zhadi said...

Already voted, but just voicing my 'go, Marvin, go!' here!