Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A Prayer for Prosperity

Friday, November 7 ~ Albuquerque, New Mexico

Geri O'Hare and her husband, Art, have been dear friends and great supporters of my work and my writing for quite some time now.

When I visited them in California last month, Geri handed me this Science of Mind treatment for prosperity she had written some years back as a Religious Science Practitioner. It's been such a powerful inspiration for me that I asked her if I could share it with you here. It feels particularly relevant in these times.

After you read it, use it or meditate with it, please return here and share your thoughts, comments and experiences. Our shared stories are always part of the healing and transformation.

A Guest Post by Geri O'Hare, R.Sc.P.

Prosperity Treatment

I know that within me there is a Universal Power which is God.

It is Infinite Spirit and I am one with this Spirit. It is Universal Mind, Intelligence and Love operating through me at all times. It guides me into Right Action, prosperity, greater abundance, peace and harmony. It knows no limitations and recognizes no lack. It knows exactly what I need and when I need it. I only have to believe, and I do this ardently.

With childlike faith I now state that all my affairs are in order. No longer do I harbor fears for my future. Instead, my heart is filled with confidence and certainty.

I am aware that Divine Intelligence is my partner and we are never separated. Together we accomplish everything, and my todays and tomorrows are assured.

Every move I make is for the best. I always have an abundance of money or whatever it is that I need to make my life happy and complete. The supply is constantly moving towards me because my Divine Partner knows exactly what to do.

All my anxieties and fears have evaporated. I see that I have everything and that I am lovingly protected at all times.

Thank you, Infinite Spirit, for the tremendous changes in both my life and in my thinking.

I now enjoy perfect abundance and perfect prosperity. All the good in the Universe is my good now and there is no limit to it.

It is my birthright because God and I are united in Spirit and I am deeply grateful.

I know, I believe and it is so!

Geri O’Hare, R.Sc.P.

Photo of Geri O'Hare by Mark David Gerson


Kelli said...

Mark and Geri,

Beautiful inspirational writing. I believe the abundance is there for all of us. It's a mindset. I choose to embrace this mindset daily. On the days I struggle I simply remember my creator is still in control.

Thanks for sharing!

Mark David Gerson said...

Thanks to you, too, Kelli, for sharing your thoughts.

Abundant blessings to you...

LizG said...

Thanks for leading me here, Mark David. And thanks for this prayer, Geri. It was timely reminder for me tonight.

Take care

Mark David Gerson said...

As it was for me, Liz. Thanks for your comment.

Valerie said...

Geri's prayer places the emphasis where it belongs. Abundance is our due, but sometimes we focus so much on lack that we end up postponing what is rightfully ours. We can assuage our worries by recognizing that we plan these lives of ours before we get here, and that we are never alone in the lessons we have planned for ourselves. Just looking at what we do have and thanking the Divine for the abundance in our lives assures it.

TGIM makes so much sense. I came to realize in my own life that I was allowing the days of the week to dictate my attitude. I either had to shift that attitude to one of joy or find something to do that would bring me joy regardless of the day of the week. I was able to do both.

Bruce Wagner said...

Awesome! Awesome! Awesome!

I'm totally 'stealing' this treatment / prayer / affirmation.

Bless you both!

Only Love,

( http://UnitySocial.com )

Mark David Gerson said...

Valerie: Abundance is not only our due, it is our ever-present fact. When we acknowledge the abundance that is always present in our lives, we create the space for more to flow to and through us.

Bruce: You can't steal what is freely given! Feel free to pass it along, though I'd ask that when you do, you acknowledge Geri as its author and link back to this post.

Abundant blessings of infinite prosperity to you both!!

Autumn Heartsong said...

Beatiful! I especially love this part: I am aware that Divine Intelligence is my partner and we are never separated. Together we accomplish everything, and my todays and tomorrows are assured.

I want to share this with several people...and will most certainly credit Geri and link back here. Thank you!

Mark David Gerson said...

Thanks, Autumn. May you prosper in joy and abundance.