Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Yes, You Can!

I think I can
I think I can
I think I can
know I can
~ The Little Engine That Could

Tuesday, Nov. 4 ~ Needles, California

On this historic night in the United States, it's important to remember that whatever our dreams, whatever our challenges, whatever our hopes, whatever our fears, yes we can!

Yes, I can.

Yes, you can.

Whatever it is, however unlikely it seems, it is possible. For you...for me...for all of us.

Believe it.

Know it.

Embody it.

Be it.


Amit said...

Thanks Mark...Yes We Can..there are no limits to human endeavor! Anything is possible!

Mark David Gerson said...

Thanks, Amit. Anything is possible. But it's up to us to believe it, to know it and to act as though it's so.

Anonymous said...

You are so right! Yes we can! This historic victory also evidences the lesson of your last entry, "The Power of Being." There has been an amazing contrast of the positive energies from Obama that excited, encouraged, inspired and brought tears of joy, to the negative energies of his opponent that sought to evoke fear, outrage, anger and prejudice. You could see it in the crowds! You could feel it radiating from tv! This was as much about the choice of which force to follow as about political convictions. "Yes we can" or "Fear THAT man."

Anonymous said...

great post! we can all feel a huge connection to faith and belief today. doors are opening all over america!

Autumn Heartsong said...

Great post, Mark. To, "Yes, we can," I would add, "Now we MUST!" Now's when we get to put this positive energy into practice, and I'm delighted and honored and excited beyond belief to be alive now and part of it. I blogged a similar message at and I'm sure it will be a recurring theme.

Thanks for an excellent, uplifting blog...I'm enjoying it!

Mark David Gerson said...

Thanks, Autumn. I'm going over to your blog post right now to read it.

Jeanette said...

Well said.

I have that book cover on one of my lost blogs. I wonder what I wrote. (Before twitter, I had many blogs.)

Your blog has more meaning considering the significance of the day. I believe that we can have the faith and joy of the clown and chug over the mountain.