Thursday, February 09, 2006

The Basis of All Creation

Santa Fe, New Mexico

I wake up in something of a panic, for I have neither title nor contents for the Santa Fe retreat I’m facilitating in a month. And today’s the day I must create a flyer for it.

I remind myself to breathe, and my breathing centers me enough to recognize that it’s not up to me to figure this out. It’s not up to me to figure anything out. My job is to call in what I require and then surrender.

Okay, I say to whatever higher parts of me are on morning duty, if you want this retreat, tell me what I need to know.

Moments later, standing in the shower (with no way to write anything down!), the title comes: The Road to the Top: Ascending to Your Mastery.

How perfect, for the retreat center sits atop a sacred mountain!

I would shout Eureka, but I’m too busy repeating the title over and over again so that I can rinse myself off, get out and write it down.

Slowly, the panic begins to edge back. I know the title, but what does it mean!?

A walk, I hear. Go for a walk. And so I do.

Like showers, walks for me are powerful ways to dissolve my obsessive “need-to-know-right now” behavior. I walk. I observe. I open.

I breathe.

Ten minutes pass and suddenly it’s Eureka, The Sequel.

I switch on my voice recorder and it all begins to spill initiations...what they are, what they’re for, who they’re for.

Once again, it’s all about getting out of my own way, about realizing that the Me that doesn’t know doesn’t need to know. It simply has to surrender to the part of me that does know...and let it flow.

That’s the basis of all creation. That’s how we open to the Heaven within us and bring it to earth. That’s how we live as the Divine. That’s how we allow the Divine to live in, through and as us.

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