Thursday, May 04, 2006

A Whole New World

Thursday, May 4, 2006 ~ Oceanside, California

As I wake up this morning, a song from the Disney film Aladdin runs on continuous loop through my head: A whole new world... / A dazzling place I never knew...

It's the perfect coda to the Andrew Lloyd Webber lyric that woke me two weeks ago: Nothing in the world will ever be the same...

These past two weeks, much of it spent on the Monterey Peninsula, have changed everything and I find myself now facing a whole new unknown world where nothing looks the way it used to.

I spent most of those two weeks in the fog - inner and outer. The fog that ceaselessly hugged the Monterey shore enfolded me, creating a welcome container for the void that my inner fog had created.

Then on Sunday (the day of the fifth of my 7 Initiations of Mastery, into the Way of the Illuminator), the fog finally lifted and sunlight began to illuminate the coast.

My inner fog, too, began to burn off that day and my light began to illuminate a new direction for my life. Or to put it more honestly, I began to surrender more fully to a direction I already knew about.

I said at the start of the 7 Initiations of Mastery (which has been at least as transformative for me as it has been for participants!) that in order to step into our mastery, we have to be prepared to give up everything, to wipe the slate clean of who we are and what we have been.

For me, that process has accelerated since I launched the teleconference series on April 2.

First to go were my regular teleconferences, then my trip back east, then the regular newsletters, then my participation in this month's Fountainhead Symposium in Phoenix. Even my posts to this blog have fallen away. And for some time, I have been sensing that my private sessions would soon also vanish.

Through this period of letting go, I haven't known whether these things were in suspension or gone for good.

I still don't know.

What I do know is this: All my energies right now are required for the new project that has pressed itself into my life.

For the next few months, I will be focusing on writing. Specifically, I will be working on a screenplay of my novel, The MoonQuest.

Too many signs, signals and synchronicities are guiding me in that direction right now for me to ignore. And despite the creative and financial fears that this project elicits, all I can do is trust that in surrendering to my heart's desire, I will be supported - in all ways.

At a practical level, this means that teleconferences won't be returning in the medium term. It also means no newsletters and, likely, few blog entries. It's too easy for this kind of writing to distract me from the other.

I have also been guided to give up private sessions. (If you want one, you'll have to book it before the end of May. I've altered the pricing somewhat to make shorter sessions possible. You'll find details on my web site.)

For the time being, I will continue to offer energy portraits, but they will no longer be accompanied by a private session.

As I step away from this aspect of the work that has brought us together, I can't do so without first thanking you - for your love, your encouragement and your support.

We're all masters...not over anyone else but as human expressions of our divinity, our godliness and our light. Anything I've done to help you awaken yours has been an honor and a privilege.

The MoonQuest, too, is about mastery. And I look forward to its message reaching a broader audience through this next phase of my work.

Mark David

P.S. Just before I post this item, I pull a card from Doreen Virtue's Magical Mermaid and Dolphin Cards.Accept Heaven's Help, it proclaims....always an important reminder, particularly as we step into the unknown!


Terri Webb said...


Sounds like a wonderful new direction you're going. Funny, I was recently thinking how wonderful it would be to have more metaphysicall oriented movies available. The community really needs you. Since this is your road to Mastery, I'm sure all will turn out well and you will see some wonderful rewards.


Terri Webb

JP said...

Wishing you joy and happiness beyond your dreams and imagination.

I'm at a similar "choice point" in my life and I too am trusting that all my needs will be provided for with peace, ease and grace. I wish the same for you!

With gratitude for sharing your adventures with us!

Blessings for your success and happiness!!

Mark David Gerson said...

Yes, this is a "choice point" for many. And, of course, it's not the last. We are moving so rapidly that these forks in the road will be coming up more and more frequently.

For right now, though, this is certainly the right direction for me. Beyond that.....? One step at a time!

Mark David

Mark David Gerson said...

Dear Terri,

Thanks for the vote of support! You can be certain that I'll let you all know when there's a movie to go see!!

Mark David

Anonymous said...

Mark David,
I and so many others anticipate your new postings for inspiration and leadership as we all are
ascending at different levels.

Please try to continue them if you can.....knowing that your audience is growing in numbers and awareness. We would greatly miss your transmissions!

Much love to you as you embark on your new adventure.

Sandra (#4)

Mark David Gerson said...

Dear Sandra,

Thank you, most heartfully.

Frankly, I have no idea what the fate is of large chunks of my work, including this blog. What I know is that, in this moment, I have a limited amount of writing energy, and that what I apply here is not available for something else. In the moment, that something else is a screenplay of The MoonQuest.

Although it's couched in metaphor and presented as fantasy, The MoonQuest is another dimension of my story and journey, one that carries even more inspirational potential given its more accessible form.

What I would like to think is that books and movies that express my story in more creative form will continue to do all the things that this blog and my newsletters have done, but reaching a wider audience.

Having said that, I repeat that I truly have no idea what's next, what's beyond this screenplay, and have grown in enough wisdom over the years to rule nothing out!

Thanks again for your light and for your support.

Mark David