Saturday, June 10, 2006

The High Road

Saturday, June 10, 2006 ~ Valley of Fire State Park, Nevada

I'm driving among the dramatic red-rock formations of this state park just west of the easternmost edge of Lake Mead.

Even as the dry desert air draws sharp, hyperreal edges on the rock cliffs and clusters, there's something dreamlike about this place.

There's something dreamlike, too, about my life in recent months.

It's as though everything I was guided to shift, suspend, give up and/or begin since late January when I settled into my Santa Fe casita never really happened, as though it was all part of an elaborate dream.

Now, I appear to have awakened, back where I was...back on the road, singing language of light again for groups -- in person and via teleconference -- and sending out newsletters and blog posts.

Yet I know it wasn't a dream.

This is not a Groundhog Day moment. Nor am I the same person I was five months ago.

My writing, my singing, my traveling, my art -- they have all moved to a new level because of the dreamlike experiences of these past months. They will all move to yet higher levels because of the deepening surrender I wrote about yesterday.

Tonight, I complete 18 months on the road. I don't know what the future will look like. I don't know where I will go, what I'll do or who I'll become. I don't know what dreams I'll live or wake up from.

All I know is that moment-to-moment surrender is my only choice.

All I can do is take the high road -- whatever that looks like, wherever it takes me...tomorrow and the tomorrow after that.


Anonymous said...

Hi Mark:

Your story is so inspiring. I was at the Valley of Fire State Park in May as part of a two week trip that was something of a vision quest. I agree at its magical quality. The light at sunset and then again in the morning was so eautiful. I camped and saw the rock art there and felt such a connection to the shaman places and a bowl like area deep and low in the rock formations where I felt them sitting in it as a sound chamber and chanting through the night.

One rock art figure was like an owl woman that was half hidden behind a rock in a small cave. It was such a power place. I am glad you went there.

I will be speaking on the Lost Years of Jesus to the group in Sante Fe on July 15 that I learned about though your journal. Like you, it is time for me to share and have the courage to do so with this material that has been coming to me over the last eight years. May we continue the courageous journey to live our truth and light.

Bless you on your travels and all that you offer.

Joe in Sedona

Mark David Gerson said...

Dear Joe,

Yes, Valley of Fire is awesome!

Thanks for sharing and thank you for your courage in stepping forward in your truth.

If it's The Celebration you'll be speaking to, they're a warm, embracing group. I know you will be amazing!

Mark David