Wednesday, July 05, 2006

What's It All About, Alfie? II

Thursday, June 29, 2006 ~ Santa Fe, New Mexico

I'm back in Santa Fe after 12 days or so in the Denver area, wondering once more what Alfie -- or anyone -- can tell me about my life in these strange and unsettling times.

When I arrived in the Denver not long after the 18-month anniversary of my highway odyssey, I made an executive decision: I'm done with being a full-time roadie and choose to park myself here...certainly for the summer, perhaps indefinitely.

Before I go on, let me tell you that the executive who made that decision has been demoted and is now on probation!

The short version of the story is that nothing supported me staying -- hotels were booked up with sporting tournaments, furnished rentals were not readily (or affordably) available and even the housesitting gig I manifested didn't work out.

So I left...frustrated, confused and with many questions.

Some answers arrived this evening when I called on a technique I teach others and use when working with others but have fallen out of the habit of practicing myself: using writing to connect with my highest wisdom.

1) Why, I asked, am I still on the road....and not only on the road but seemingly condemned to travel the same roads over and over?

2) If we're in the energy of choice, why can't I choose to stop my full-time traveling and stay in the Denver area?

What formed on the page were some surprising answers.

1) You are not only laying, clearing, reactivating and aligning earth grids in your travels. You are, more importantly at this time, also dropping light codes into the framework of the major roads you drive, providing activations and initiations to all who travel upon them. Why the same roads? You have a particular territory and each time you pass along the same road, you are upping the frequency of the installed codes. In so doing, you are touching many thousands of people each day. Many commuters, taxi drivers and truckers are doing the same Johnny Appleseed-type work, whether or not they realize it.

2) First, there are degrees and vibrations of choice, and of choosers. The "choice for Denver" might have been an advanced choice for some. It was not for you. You have evolved beyond that degree of choice. Your only choice now is to surrender to the mystery of the Radical Evolution now moving through you. Your only choice is to remain as connected as you can in each moment with the divine essence of your beingness...the greater self...the infinite intelligence...the God that you are. 

The bottom line? For me it always comes back to the mystery, to the divine imperative, to the moment. And from that place of surrender, trusting that all is well.

For the still-human parts of me, that level of surrender remains something of a struggle some days. Yet all I can do is move forward in the not-always-comfortable (or comforting) certainty that each moment is propelling me into a place of greater divinity.

Meantime, even as I continue to travel, present teleconferences (including one on July 11), offer private sessions and redesign my web site, I'm creating space and time for writing. I'm working on a screenplay of The MoonQuest and simultaneoulsy revising the novel, while committed to the trilogy of which The MoonQuest is the first installment.

Those still-human parts of me can't always see how all that can be accomplished, particularly while still on the road. That's where surrender and the higher vibration of choice come in.

In this moment, I choose to honor all aspects of my passion and leave the means, timing and resources to my divine self. I surrender to the mystery.

And so it is.


Jan and Johnny said...

Good morning Mark,

Just read you comments this morning and was struck by their similarity to the conversation between Andrew Cohen and Ken Wilbur (The Guru and the Pandit: Dialogue XIII) that appears in the current edition of the print version of the magazine "What Is Enlightenment?" You might like to check in on that conversation. Unfortunately, the conversation is not included on their web site ( but there is a background story on Wibur's work, which he calls "Integral Spirituality," that might be of interest you.

The reference to your on-going 'road trip' was also interesting to me as it called to mind the 6 months that Jan and I spent on the road in 2003 to promote the Harmonic Concordance. In the end, we too found that it was the journey, and not the end, that was the signifficant event of the trip.

In Gratitude,

Mark David Gerson said...

Dear Johnny,

Thanks for the link, which I will check out. And thanks, too, for your confirmation. After 18+ months of full-time travel, it's sometimes difficult to remember to stop focusing on an ultimate destination!

Mark David