Saturday, February 24, 2007

Focused Expansion

Sunday, February 11 ~ Ojai, California

You have to imagine this drawing in motion, rotating on its various axes, creating overlapping vortexes of energy through its multiple spins. That’s how I first saw it in my inner vision as I sat on a stone bench at Meditation Mount, just outside Ojai, where I've been since the end of December.

Was it the sacredness of the land? The energy work a friend was doing on me in that moment? More than likely, it was a combination of those and other factors that imprinted this image in my mind’s eye.

The moment I saw the interlocking Vs, I recognized the one that opens upward as expansion and its mate as focus. I say “upward,” but of course there is no fixed orientation here. Only motion. Energy. And focused expansion.

Drawing by Mark David Gerson: "Focused Expansion"

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