Friday, January 26, 2007

Realizing the Quest

Tuesday, January 23 ~ Ojai, California

I'm walking along the Ojai Valley trail in town, taking a break from books, agents, computers and cats. And suddenly I have an Aha! moment.

Agents and publishers like to know that the book they're considering has an existing buzz, something that's hard to generate with an unpublished novel. But what if, an angel whispers in my ear, I were to create a MoonQuest web site and generate a mailing list of people eager to know when the book (and movie!?) are available?

That wouldn't guarantee a deal. But if the list were big enough, it could make a difference...

The wheels in my head start spinning. I already own How hard could it be to throw up a simple web site offering a few choice excerpts? Perhaps even a sound clip of me reading from the book?

It would be even easier to set up a parallel e-mail list just for The MoonQuest...

And what a gift that I'm actually off the road for a bit, with time to do things like this...

Speaking of buzz, my mind won't be still. I detour to Ojai Coffee Roasters, where I excitedly jot down plans and ideas for this MoonQuest list and site before heading home to start putting it into action.

No web site yet, but the list is up and running. No one's on it yet, of course, because you're the first to hear about it. And as the first to hear about it, I have a rare favor to ask: Please sign up!! And encourage your friends to do likewise!!

I guarantee you'll get very little e-mail until the book has a publisher and publishing date. But in signing up, your energetic assistance will, I know, bring those dates closer. It may also bring you some special offers and promotions, the first of which could be announced in the next newsletter.

Signing up for The MoonQuest list is as simple as clicking on this link and adding your email address. If you're already a newsletter subscriber, all you have to do is check off the MoonQuest list box on the subscription form. Thank you!

DON'T uncheck the newsletter box, or you will be removed from that list!!!

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