Saturday, March 04, 2006

The Inkspots...and Other Laundry News

Saturday, March 4, 2006 — Santa Fe, New Mexico

Apparently, the moment I was open to airing my dirty laundry in public (ie, doing my wash at the laundromat), the Albuquerque warehouse that had been secretly holding the missing washer-dryer hostage released it. It arrived here on Wednesday.

It’s not the stacking washer-dryer I was expecting, but a funny European-style model, washer and dryer in the same unit. And at this moment, it’s removing what may well be the final inkblots from the most severe of Monday’s laundromat casualties.

The other, related news is that I have been working on my novel, The StarQuest, daily since then...and, for the most part enjoying it.

This amazes me given how much a struggle it has been in the past. But perhaps it shouldn’t surprise me at all.

As I’ve thought about the manuscript and connected with the story over the past year, I’ve insisted I would go back to it only when it was a joyful act.

Seems now that it is...because I called it in.

Surrender is not about sitting back and waiting for things to happen. That’s disempowerment. Surrender is part of a path that includes connecting with and calling in your desires — not from a place of neediness but from that same place of empowered detachment I wrote about last night.

Detachment means that, having called it in, I must let go of both means and timing.

Those means will always be simple, though not always easy. They may be veiled. They will always produce multidimensional results.

Whatever clicked into place this week for me, opened more than joyful creative flow. It has opened all kinds of joyful flow.

It’s been a week of miracle and manifestation, and not just in the laundry department.

For example, Wednesday morning I was guided to offer a seven-week teleconference version of my Santa Fe retreat and title it The Seven Initiations of Mastery. As of this writing, it's nearly full, with only two or three slots left...and I haven’t even had a chance to get it on my web site or describe it in a newsletter. (I hope to get it on the site this weekend. It will be at this link.)

Another example: There is someone in Santa Fe that many here have insisted I had to meet because of the ways he could get my work to a wider audience — in New Mexico and beyond. Since I’ve been here, all my attempts to reach him have failed. A few days ago, a friend invited both of us to meet today over lunch.

I have often said in my writing classes and coaching sessions that flow is flow is flow, that if you’re in the flow in your writing other areas of flow can’t help but open up as well.

My week has been an elegant expression of that.

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