Thursday, March 30, 2006

Time to Move On II

Wednesday, March 29, 2006 ~ Santa Fe, New Mexico

The image that tops my previous entry is a card from Doreen Virtue's beautiful and powerful Magical Mermaid & Dolphin Deck

It's a card that has turned up for me at particularly significant moments in recent times.

Perhaps the most stunning was on November 2, 2004, election day here in the U.S. That was the day my marriage of six and a half years ended.

My daughter, then 5, loved to play with the deck. A favorite activity of hers was picking cards she liked and copying their headings on a lined paper.

When I came home late that afternoon, unaware of the life change my wife would initiate after dinner, I found a yellow pad on my desk. In careful childish hand on the top sheet was written Time to Move On.

Two hours later, a stunning disclosure from my wife revealed that it truly was time for me to move on.

The card turned up again a few days ago. I hadn't looked at the deck in months but felt called to pull a card. As I shuffled I asked for a card that would reflect the energy for me of tonight's teleconference.

The card? Time to Move On.

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