Friday, April 07, 2006

Into the Infinite

Friday, April 7, 2006 ~ Santa Fe, New Mexico

As I contemplate my removal from Santa Fe in 10 days, I can't help but think back to my talk here at The Celebration on Sunday.

In this moment, I have the glimmerings of a notion where I will point my car when I leave town on April 17. Yet it's likely that however much I think on it between now and then, my direction will make itself known only in the hours leading up to my departure.

As for my destination, that too will reveal itself in divine time.

My Sunday talk was pretty much the same.

As I said I would in Saturday's post, I walked into the sanctuary space with nothing more than a barely remembered title and the vague ideas that had been bouncing around my brain in the days and hours leading up to the talk.

It wasn't until 15 minutes before my turn at the podium, during the week's inspirational reading, that the Aha! of my opening direction made itself known.

Once I began, I surrendered fully to the wisdom of my highest self, allowing my words to follow their own divine course.

As for my destination, I had no conscious awareness of it until I was given the five-minutes-remaining signal and, to my amazement, my inspirational package wrapped itself up in a few neat sentences.

That experience proves yet again that as soon as I give up trying to plan and figure out, I create space for miracles...for grace. And I free myself to move beyond the constraints of a mind not yet tuned to the infinite...into the infinite.

My talk was powerful and well-received because I walked in with no plan other than surrender - to each moment and each word.

It's a reminder to me, as I contemplate life post-Santa Fe, that I experience the most wonder when I stop wondering and simply allow wonder to flow through me.

If I choose to live in the infinite, and I do, there is nothing to plan and nothing to think about. There is only this moment...and now this one...and now this one.

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